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IRENE  WEISS   singer-songwriter-artist










A native of New York, Irene has been recording and performing in the San Diego Area since the '90s as lead singer with bands Dream and Sweet Madness. She later emerged on her own, releasing her first CD "Magic Hands," a 14-song collection of atmospheric ballads and melodic rock tunes. More recently she finished her hot new CD "Love Again."

Check out the song "Through These Eyes" from her CD Magic Hands or order your very own copy of the CD. And listen to the song "Love Again" from her second CD of the same name!

Irene's theater/dance background is evident in her subtle, emotional style. Her inspired songs and distinct, haunting voice create a mood of ease and intimacy as they invite you on a journey into deeper realms of musical experience.


"Though I'm originally from Long Island, New York, I've spent time living abroad, mostly in London, England. I've lived in Manhattan, San Francisco and more recently San Diego. Living in a range of cities with their unique characteristics helped shape who I am today. Especially London--living so far from home and my roots and in a place so rich with history helped set my previous life apart. It helped me see it from a new and clearer perspective.


"When I write songs, I usually like to start with the music. I pick up my guitar and experiment, trying new tunings, etc. until I hear something that feels and sounds right to me--a piece of the puzzle. From this the rest of the song develops till the music is complete. Afterwards I find words that the music seems to ask for, that fit like they were meant to be together. Sometimes my husband Karl writes words to my music or we co-write them.

"Although the process of writing songs and working out lyrics can be a challenge, there's nothing like the pleasure of creating something from nothing, something that feels as though it's always been there. In a way it always has existed, since a songwriter pools influences from all who came before them as one delves into the creative world of the subconscious. I know I have been influenced by the classics: the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Heart and Kate Bush, to name a few, but also by current artists such as Sarah McLachlan and Loreena McKennitt.


"I love all the arts. Besides singing and songwriting, I love to dance (ballet and jazz), act (especially comedy) and do artwork (painting, drawing, collages/mixed media) which has been shown in local galleries. I believe all artistic activity comes from a similar place: delving into one art form is helpful in developing another. The interest I have in this magical energy has also led me to explore philosophy, metaphysics and the beauty of nature. Another outlet for my artistic expression is through my practice as a marriage and family therapist.


"I believe in the great power of music and all art forms to heal as well as to evoke change. Artists play a prominent role in shaping our culture's ideas, hopes and dreams, and a song is a powerful, concise way to communicate to a great many people. Music is powerful in itself, as is poetry; but the combination of the right music with the right lyrics can create a unique fusion of thought and emotion."